In Development

In Development

Project One:  A tabletop pen and paper role-playing game.  A name has not yet been generated, but several ideas are written down.  More news to come in this in the near future.  The overall game mechanics are in place and written.  As of right now this project is on the back burner, as it would be published in book form, and at the moment that sort of game is not our primary focus.

Project TwoThe Lost City of K’aak’ Tuucha (The Lost City of the Fire Monkey): A push your luck strategy board game that pits players against each other as well as the game itself.  It’s an adventure themed game that takes place in the Amazon Jungle.  Currently in its fourth update and being play tested as often as possible.  Estimated setup time:  1-2 minutes.  Estimated play time:  20-30 minutes.

Project ThreeOh Poo! (working title, may change yet): A simple card matching and random card selection game focused towards kids and family.  Quick, easy, and silly.  Working on getting some game card at created.  Estimated setup time: 1 minute.  Estimate play time:  10-15 minutes.

Project FourBeach Runner! (working title, may change yet):  Plays on a 8″ x 16″ folding game board with random elements and player vs player shenanigans.  Still being fleshed out.

Project Five:  Mint Tin – Relic Hunter (working title, may change yet):  A card drafting game where players collect various relics, accumulating and losing points based on the cards they discard and pass.