Oh Poo!

Oh Poo!

Oh Poo!

Oh Poo is the second game to go through design, play development, graphic layout, and prototype approval for us at Asgard Gamewerks.  This silly little game has a special place in the hearts of us and most of our play-testers.

Oh Poo is a fun little game that is super easy to pickup and play.  It doesn’t take long to learn, and before you know it twenty or thirty minutes have passed you by while knocking out two or three games.

Game Contents:

  • 1 poker card tuck box
  • 36 food cards
  • 4 plunger cards
  • 1 toilet card
  • 1 poo card
  • 1 game instruction booklet

Download Game Instruction PDF:  Oh Poo_Document _PDF

Play Time:  5-10 minutes

Mechanics:  Card drawing, discarding, passing, and ‘take that’.

Where To Buy:

Game Premise:  Oh Poo!

The entire object of this game is not to be the person stuck holding the poo!  The Poo will certainly make its way around to the various hands of the players.

Can you keep a straight face when you are the one holding the poo?  Can you hide the fact that the person drawing a random card from your hand took the poo!?

How To Play Oh Poo!

Please feel free to download the free PDF above with complete game play instructions, or, keep reading.

Oh Poo is not just another card elimination game. Sure, you discard and pass cards, but you also get to flush and plunge them as well. All you need to do to win is avoid being the player last to hold the Poo Card!

Getting Started: Shuffle the deck and deal out all cards. Some players may have an extra card compared to other players. That’s okay! Look at the cards you were dealt. If you have any two matching types of food card pairs discard them into a discard pile. ***If you have three of the same cards, you discard two (one pair). If you have four of the same cards you can discard all four (two pair).

Don’t let any players see your cards that are not able to be discarded! Keep all the cards in your hand secret!

After all players have discarded matching pairs, the youngest player goes first by drawing a single random card from the player on their right. Any new matching food card pairs, if a matching card was drawn, gets discarded right away and then the player on the right does the same, going around the table allowing each player to draw one card and discard pairs if able.

***Anytime you draw a food card from another player that matches the same type of food in your hand to make a pair, discard the pair right away into your discard pile.

The Plunger Card: If you have a Plunger Card you can play it at the beginning of your turn or at the very end of your turn.  When you play a Plunger Card it gets discarded immediately and is removed from the game. Playing the Plunger Card switches the direction players draw cards from. If the table had been drawing cards from the player on their right, they would now switch to drawing cards from the player on their left. Anytime a Plunger Card is played the direction changes. There are only four Plunger Cards in the deck.

***Keep track of which way the cards are being drawn between players!  Your fellow players may try and trick you!

The Toilet Card: The Toilet Card never gets discarded, but can switch from player to player if randomly drawn. Whenever you have the Toilet Card and the Poo Card in your hand you can flush the Poo Card by giving it to any player of your choice. When flushing the Poo you have to show everybody you have the toilet card. You keep the Toilet Card in your hand after flushing the poo, as it could be drawn by the player drawing cards from you on their next turn.

The Poo Card: If you are left with no food cards in your hand and don’t have the Toilet Card, but are holding the Poo Card, you lose the game. OH POO!

Anytime you discard all your food cards and have no other cards in your hand during your turn, you are ‘out’ and can sit back and watch the remaining players struggle to avoid being stuck with the Poo Card.

Current State Of The Game

Oh Poo is 100% complete and ready for purchase.

Buy Oh Poo! by clicking here: OH POO!