Manufacturing Where?

Anyone who gets started in this business as an indie tabletop game publisher, and even the big name companies, knows that if you want to make the most profit on the sales of your games you better manufacture in bulk and overseas in China.

As of right now as an indie tabletop game designer, developer, and publisher, Asgard Gamewerks plans to make games available for print on demand purchase at The Game Crafter.  The Game Crafter is located in Wisconsin, Asgard Gamewerks’ home State.

Future manufacturing for some larger bulk orders, if there is ever a need, will likely remain within the United States and with Delano Games, a company in Michigan.

Made In The U.S.A.

Yes, it costs more to manufacture in the United States, but we’re dense in the head.  Here at Asgard Gamewerks we plan to keep the manufacturing of our games within the United States.  Of course this could change down the road if this company ever goes mainstream with a huge ‘evergreen’ hit game.  But it’s not likely to happen.

Future plans do include small Kickstarter campaigns with manufacturing through The Game Crafter or Delano Games.

I’m Not Paying That Much!

I know what you are thinking…”if it costs more to make games in the States, and you are manufacturing your games in the States, won’t it cost me more to buy them?”

Normally it would, yes, but not so much when buying a game Published through Asgard Gamewerks.  Keep reading and it will all be explained.

Profit Margin

At Asgard Gamewerks we are making games and sharing them for the fun of it.  Going into this hobby we knew early on it was a labor of fun-love.  The intent was to get people to ‘unplug’ and socialize face to face with some fun tabletop games.  We didn’t start Asgard Gamewerks to make life changing money.

Don’t get us wrong, having the next Catan or Pandemic type mega-hit would be fantastic and we would gladly accept that kind of life changing money.  But that ain’t happening.

Most retail prices on games being sold are marked up 40 to 80 percent above the manufacturing price – depending on the game.  Rough Example: Catan likely costs less than $6 to make bulk, and it sells for $40 in the States.  Minus shipping and warehousing fees, roughly $32 in profit is being split between the publisher, distributor, designer, and retailer.

Factoid:  Tabletop games are marked up on average 5 to 6 times the cost of manufacturing.  That is loosely how retail cost are determined.

Asgard Gamewerks is the publisher of our own games.  We don’t have a distributor or consolidator, no outside designer or developers, and we are not officially in any retail stores.  We design, develop, and publish direct to the consumer.

Less Middle Men, Better Price For You

By selling through The Game Crafter and various crowdfunding ventures we are cutting out some middle men.  And as the publisher of our own games we control that markup as well, and it will be minimal.

***Asgard Gamewerks will not be marking up our games the usual five to six times above manufacturing.

Expect our markups to be along the lines of .25 to .5 the manufacturing cost – depending on the game.  This should help greatly offset the retail price of our manufacturing here in the United States, and then some!

The hope is to make back the money we invest in the design, development and prototyping of all our games, and maybe put a tank of gas in our vehicles from time to time, or a fancy meal at Carbone’s Pizzeria.

TD & Nancy