Mint Tin Treasure Hunter

Mint Tin Treasure Hunter!

Mint Tin Treasure Hunter is the first game to go through design, development, and into a form of marketing and publishing here at Asgard Gamewerks.

It is a very simple game to play with basic rules.  More than anything it was a learning experience for us as we grow and mature as an indie tabletop game development company. 

Game Contents

  • 1 Mint Tin game box (2.46” x 3.51” x 0.85”)
  • 36 Standard Loot Cards
  • 4 Cursed Loot Cards
  • 9 Standard Discovery Cards
  • 1 Wild Discovery Card
  • 3 Instruction Cards
  • 1 Game Information Card
  • (54 total game cards)

Download Game Instruction PDF: Mint-Tin Treasure Hunter Rules

Play Time:  10-15 minutes

Mechanics:  Card drafting, passing, point counting, ‘take that’.

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Game Premise: Mint Tin Treasure Hunter

Collect loot, relics, and rarities to accumulate points.  Beware of cursed items you may discover – try and pass them off to other players.  The player with the most collected loot points at the end of the game, or whomever reaches a certain point goal across a few games, is the winner. 

A sampling of some of the 54 total cards inside the mint tin game box

A sampling of some of the 54 total cards inside the mint tin game box

If you like small compact games that are easy to carry and not a lot of parts to worry about getting lost, then this game is for you.  It only takes a few minutes to learn to play, the game play is smooth and fast, and is great for the entire family.  It’s also a great way to kill some time at game night when waiting for ‘Carl’ to setup his latest 983 piece mega tile placement game.

Game Rules / Instructions

Depending on the number of players you may need to adjust the cards being used based on the information below.

2 players: 20 rounds, keep all cards in game, reshuffle Discovery Cards when all are used.

3 players: 13 rounds, remove 1 standard Loot card, reshuffle Discovery Cards when all used.

4 players: 10 rounds, keep all cards in game, reshuffle Discovery Cards if needed. 

***Items needed to play not included: pencil and paper to keep track of player scores. 

General Information

The player with the highest amount of collected Loot Points at the end the game wins. Each Standard Loot Card is worth points. Cursed Loot Cards take away points.

Collect as many points as you can and avoid loosing points by collecting cursed loot!

Setting Up To Play

Prepare Loot cards and Discovery card decks based on number of players. Keep cards types separate and shuffle each deck thoroughly. 

Stack the Loot and Discovery Decks in center of play area next to each other and within easy reach of all players. 

The youngest player starts by drawing three cards from the Loot Deck and places them face up on the table in front of them. Then, going clockwise around the table, each player also draws three Loot Cards and places them face up in front of them on the table, so everyone can see who drew what from the Loot Deck. 

Learning To Play 

The youngest player starts the Game Round by turning over one Discovery Card and placing it face up on the table next to the Discovery Deck. 

Stashing Loot Cards

Each player must then stash into their personal stash pile one Loot Card that color code matches the Discovery Card that was overturned.  If a green colored Discovery card was revealed, players can stash any green colored loot card in their loot pile.  The loot cards you keep are used to add up your points at the end of the game.  If all you have a green cursed card, you have to keep that card and add it to your stash pile. 

Loot Cards Don’t Color Match The Discovery Card?

If a player does not have a Loot Card that color matches the Discovery Card displayed, they must discard the lowest point rated card in their hand into the stash pile. 

***Cursed Loot Cards are also color coded Blue, Yellow, Green, and Wild, and must be discarded if that is the only card in the player’s hand that matches the displayed Discovery Card, or is the lowest point rated card held when Loot Cards don’t color match the Discovery Card.

Pass One Card After You Stash One Card

Once each player has stashed one of their loot cards into their own stash pile (this is how you gain or lose points), they then choose one card from the two left on display to pass to the person of their left. Players cannot pass in the same round a card that was given them by another player in that same round. 

Draw another Loot Card

Once each player has stashed one card and passed one card, they should have one card left on display before them, and one that was passed to them from another player that is also placed on display – they should have two cards.  Each player then draws one more card from the top of the Loot Deck and place it on display before them.  Each player should once again have three cards before them on display for all to see. 

First Round Complete, Do It Again!

What just transpired is a single game round.  Do it all over again until all the Loot Cards are gone by having the youngest player turn over a new Discovery Card at the start of each new round. 

The Wild Discovery Card

Any Loot card can be stashed when the Wild Discovery Card is displayed, unless a player is holding the Cursed Wild Card, which must then always be stashed if a player has it before them.  It is possible for the Cursed Wild Card to be in game play until the last round—players beware! 

Ending A Game 

When no more Loot Cards can be drawn each player should have one last Loot Card before them. That last card is added to their stash pile no matter what it may be.  

Bonus Points 

If a players last Loot Card color matches the last Discovery Card players can add an extra 50 bonus points to their total score. 


Each player adds up their total Loot Points and the end game bonus point if it applies, then subtracts any Cursed Loot Points to get their total score.  High Score Wins!

Optional: Playing Longer Games 

For longer games set a high score of 500 or 1000 points. Play multiple games with the first player to reach the minimum set points as the winner.

Mint Tin Treasure Hunter, Misc

Thanks for checking out our Mint Tin Treasure Hunter game page.  If you have any questions please ask them below and we’ll be sure to answer them.

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