A Working Vacation – Yes!

I have been hard at work the past week on Asgard Gamewerks first game to be published.  As I have mentioned before it will be a tabletop pen and and paper RPG geared toward solo RPGers.  I started messing around with making this RPG way back in the late 1980s… a long damn time!  A month ago I found my old notes from back then in a box in my garage.  Good memories!

I am pleased to say here that I have a lot completed on the game.  Probably as much as 70% is complete with some minor play testing.  There is a lot more work to do.

In a week’s time I leave for vacation, a solo canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area.  I am an avid canoe tripping, love the solitude of camping in the wilderness, so I go on a couple such trips every year – usually alone as my wife is more into car camping than she is remote wilderness camping, but sometimes I go with a buddy or two.

This next trip is a solo trip and I plan on bringing some drafts of my game project stuffed into my backpack with me.  Yep, I will likely be working on the solo RPG at least a few hours per day – maybe more if there are days I am stuck in camp with rain.  I hope to get a lot done, or at least continue working and moving forward.  I would love to have this thing out and at least available for PDF download by the holidays 2019.

All in all it has been a fun experience throwing myself into developing this solo RPG game, which as yet to be named.  I also have a few ideas on paper for board games I want to start working on with Nancy.  Just ideas and themes, no real mechanics thought of yet.  I doubt we will really start working harder on any of those possible games until after I am nearing completion and publication of the solo RPG.  But all the same, stay tuned…  Good things to come.

ALSO… the idea of the game cafe is not dead.  Nancy and I are still seriously kicking around starting one up.  Asgard Gamewerks was born out of the our setting aside the thoughts of a game cafe and focusing on just using our spare time to design and publish games, but it seems like the idea of the cafe is still smoldering inside for both of us.  We’ll see what happens there…


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