Gary Con 2024 – Here We Come

Nancy and I got our Silver Badges all lined up for attending Gary Con in 2024!

We are both feeling excited about attending. The only other convention we attended was a few years ago, Galaxy Con, in the Twin Cities.

Badges for Gary Con went on sale just a few days ago (July 29th). You can find out more information by clicking on the image below:

Gary Con 2024


Tabletop Gamer T-shirts

Do you have a collection of tabletop gamer t-shirts? You know, any t-shirt you like to wear to your weekly gamer night?

Well, here at Asgard Gamewerks we have been working on designing our own line of quirky clothing items with tabletop gamer themed art. We are planning on selling our designs online through Etsy.

Curious to see what we have in mind? Stay tuned. More news coming in the next few weeks.

UPDATE: Not happening! At least not in the near future. We may go back and revisit this at a later time.


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