Heading to Coulee Con 2019!

It is a last minute decision, but TD will be heading to Coulee Con in La Crosse, Wisconsin tomorrow, on 8/17.  Coulee Con had their first event back in 2015 and has grown every year since.

For more information on Coulee Con check out this link.

TD’s after show update:  I spent only about two hours at Coulee Con.  It was a small event, as I knew it would be, but there were many people there and it was a fun time.  I would have stayed longer but I wasn’t able to put in the time to sit down at a table and jump in on any games (had an appointment at noon in the area I needed to keep).  There were about fifteen to twenty vendors and lots of table top games going on.  I ran into a few people I knew, which is always nice when you are in a small city a few hours away from home.

If you are in the area for Coulee Con next year, be sure to check it out.  This Con has been growing each year, and La Crosse has an excellent gaming community!


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