We Went To Galaxy Con 2019

This past weekend on November 9th the wife and I went to Galaxy Con in Minneapolis.  I was hoping to rub some elbows with other tabletop game designers and indie publishers but sadly that didn’t happen.

There were only a few tabletop game booths at the entire show, which surprised me considering how big Galaxy Con has grown.  By far most of the booths sold trinkets and by large most were selling art.  There was an area set aside for video gamers and tabletop gamers, but nothing substantial was going on there aside from hard gaming of mainstream games.

What We Did At Galaxy Con

We spent a few hours attending open forums where celebrities talked with fans in a large auditorium.  We sat in on Dave Batista, Jonathan Frakes, and William Shatner.  All were entertaining to listen to as they discussed their past roles, future jobs, and just answering fan questions.  By far I thought Jonathan Frakes was the most interesting to listen to… made me want to go watch some Star Trek the Next Generation movies.

We also walked up every isle of booths at the show and did our best to absorb in as much from the convention floor as possible.  I could maybe see us setting up a booth there in a few years when we have 5-7 games to push in an effort to make some local sales and continue to get word out on Asgard Gamewerks.

I also took some business cards of many freelance artists who were there, for future consideration on game projects I have in the back of my head.

Galaxy Con 2020?

I was really surprised Fantasy Flight, Z-man Games, Asmodee, and a few others… were not there.  All of those well known companies are located in the Twin Cities metro area… but none of them were in attendance.

Despite not being able to chat things up and get some direct face to face contact with other indie designers and publishers, I had a pretty darn good time.  I do plan on going again next year.


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