Asgard Gamewerks: January 2020 Update

I wanted to take a moment and touch base with the friends and family who have been following our progress in this hobby venture Nancy and I have undertaken.

Currently we have one game, Mint Tin Treasure Hunter, that has been prototyped and we think it looks great.  We have one game, Oh Poo, that is currently going through the graphic design process, and we hope to have that sent off for prototyping by mid February.  Another game, The Lost City of K’aak’ Tuucha, which will be our first game played using a board game, is still having art created for it.

There are a couple more games in the works besides those three.  You can of course read more about them and others in the design phase on our In Development page.

For the Immediate Future

Mint Tin Treasure Hunter is done.  I have a prototype in hand.  After initial review it was noted that one piece of art was backward on the layouts I submitted for production.  That error has been corrected and five more prototypes have been ordered.

My immediate goal is to create a ‘sell sheet’ for Mint Tin Treasure Hunter, complete a web-page on this website for it, create a YouTube channel for Asgard Gamewerks, make a YouTube video on how to play it Mint Tin Treasure Hunter, and finish getting credentials entered for review (publisher, designer, game) over on Board Game Geek.

I also need to create a sales page at The Game Crafter for Mint Tin Treasure Hunter.  The plan is to sell it there, print on demand.  Made in the USA!

I want to get all of the above completed by the time we order prototypes for Oh Poo.  As I mentioned above I hope that will be happening next month.

Lots to do.  This hobby is time consuming.  But it’s also a lot of fun.


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