Asgard Gamewerks: January 2020 Update

I wanted to take a moment and touch base with the friends and family who have been following our progress in this hobby venture Nancy and I have undertaken.

Currently we have one game, Mint Tin Treasure Hunter, that has been prototyped and we think it looks great.  We have one game, Oh Poo, that is currently going through the graphic design process, and we hope to have that sent off for prototyping by mid February.  Another game, The Lost City of K’aak’ Tuucha, which will be our first game played using a board game, is still having art created for it.

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Mint Tin Treasure Hunter – Pre-Pro Printing

Just wanted to share a little news today.  Our first game, Mint Tin Treasure Hunter, has just had all of the layouts uploaded to The Game Crafter and is in the process of having the first live pre-pro printed.

I was a little eager to see the pre-pro, so paid for expedited manufacturing.  It should arrive in about 4-5 business days if all goes as planned.

This is an exciting time!

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Three Projects Getting Art Created

Just a little heads up on the development front.  We have three games that are currently having art being created.

Two of them are basic card games that we plan publishing in a Mint Tin boxes; “Mint Tin: Oh Poo!” and “Mint Tin: Relic Hunter“.  We feel good about the play testing that has been done for both of these games.  They are not overly complex and easy to learn.  Fun for the whole family to sit and play.  Testing has been ongoing for both over the past two months.

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