Asgard Gamewerks News & Update

Sadly with the onset of Covid-19 earlier in the year Asgard Gamewerks took a backseat for both Nancy and I.  We had a lot of free time to work on developing games, but oddly enough our focus was staying in contact with friends in family via social media.

We not only played less tabletop games, but we also stopped working on games we had in development.

What Have We Been Doing All This Time?


Nancy had a lot of time at home because her employer shut down for a while at the onset of the Pandemic.  She focused on painting much of the inside of our home!  She also bought some new furniture and remodeled a room into a ‘media room’ where we now keep our PCs and have a TV watching area.

The media room has a Raspberry Pi hookup in place with hundreds of old Commodore 64 Games I used to own and play on it… so yeah, retro gaming has been a thing.


I actually started PC and Retro Commodore Gaming heavily.  I started a YouTube channel that focuses on Roblox and other cheaper games available on Steam.  Roblox may seem like a strange game for an old dude like me to play, but I have to admit it’s lots of fun and brings back some nostalgic feelings from computer gaming in the late 80s.

One of our grandkids introduced me to playing Roblox… it’s fun.  Silly, simple, fun.

The YouTube Channel is called Asgard Yorkipoo, also named after our pet dog, Asgard!

As I write this post I have 89 videos on the channel.

During this time I also became interested in playing D&D.  I bought a few books and also downloaded some solo adventures from Dungeon Masters Guild.  All of my D&D experience so far has been solo play, and I like it a lot.

The Future Of Asgard Gamewerks

A few weeks ago I pulled off the shelf a couple of the games I had in development and began reviewing where I left off.

It’s amazing how much you can forget over the course of several months on something I had been so deeply immersed in.  Fortunately I keep excellent notes.  After a short period of review I was comfortable and back up to speed on where I left off.

Walking Away From A Game Is A Good Thing!

Walking away from a game in development can be a good thing and here is why?  Going back to it after a long break brings with it new ideas.

A few of the games I had been working on had some technical issues I had not been able to work through at the time I was in development.  But now, after several months, going back to re-examine the games I have worked out my mechanical issues I was having!

Needless to say I am pretty excited to be working on game development again.

Moving Forward

While I do plan on plugging away on the gaming YouTube Channel, I also plan on remaining focused on Asgard Gamewerks and two games I had been working on.  Those two games I will post about later on…

But I am also looking at writing some D&D 5E solo adventure content.

One of my games that was in production was a solo fantasy pen and paper RPG game.  I had been working on fleshing out that game system with a dynamic world, or adventure theme for the game.

However, looking back on what I had been working on I think I am going to flesh out a fantasy game world of my own, and then create 5E adventures in that game world… and sell them on DriveThroughRPG.

So my personal focus moving forward will be on these three things (seen over on my In Development page):

  1. The Lost City of K’aak’ Tuucha
  2. (No name yet, Dragon Battle Theme)
  3. (No Name Fantasy World/5E RPG Content)

I like Creating

Looking back at my various hobbies over the past thirty years, I can see that I clearly enjoy creating…  I like writing, I enjoy making content that is unique and can be shared with people.

When I was eight or nine I started writing stories for my friends in school, silly little things about running away from the girls in our class and playing ‘war’ in the woods outside my house.  One of my close friends, Jack Thill (rest in peace my friend), from my childhood had a vivid imagination and he I would play Robin Hood or Star Wars – live action playing.  We created adventures in our mind and ran around our yards having a good time.

When I got older I got interested in creating an RPG game based on playing Commodore 64 CRPGs.  I also started writing short stories in fantasy and apocalyptic settings.

In my twenties I submitted short stories to pulp magazines and had some interest, but no sales.

Later on I started making my own retro video games using Construct…. and even self publishing some of my short stories.

The years and the list goes on and on… I like creating.  I may not be good at it and will  never make a living from doing it, but I like it.  I enjoy it.

So I will keep doing it.


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