Big Games In Small Packages

TD Bauer here.  I felt the need to explain Asgard Gamewerks’ tagline, “Big Games In Small Packages“.  I’ve admitted it here; I’m new to tabletop gaming.  It was late summer 2019 when I began to develop an interest in tabletop games after I played Pandemic.

Pandemic was my gateway game.  Before too long I was buying other games but took a liking to those in the smaller packages that played fast and were easy to learn.

Games like High Risk and Love Letter really caught my attention.

Big Games In Small Packages

When the wife and I stepped back from our plans of opening a tabletop cafe and focused on making our own games we identified with the smaller sized ones.

Neither of us are sure why the smaller games caught our attention and focus.  They just did.  There never really was any discussion about it.  We just agreed from the start that we would focus on little games.  Soon we were naming our game company after our small dog, Asgard.

You can find our Board Game Geek publisher listing here.

The game boxes and contents may be small and limited, but the fun to be had will be BIG – and the hope is you will come back and keep playing.  And we think you will, as play test indications on all our games in that phase of development have shown us.

Why Small Games?


Is that a good enough answer?  Maybe not, but it works for the wife and I.

Smaller games are quicker to design and develop.  They are also cheaper to get through development and into small scale production.  As a small indie tabletop company where we are putting our own investments into our games, that means a lot.  We only have a small amount we can invest into this hobby, and it needs to go as far as it can.

So No Big Games Ever?

I wouldn’t go so far to say that.  But it also depends on what you consider a big game.  I am currently in the design phase for a game that will require 40 to 45 four by four inch game tiles, 72 cards, and various other game pieces.

That game, yet to have a working title, is certainly larger than anything we have ever had in development.  It may need to be miniaturized!


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