Matthew Posa Adventures Mentioned Us: So Cool!

As an avid outdoorsman I enjoy getting out to canoe trip, camp, hike, fish, etc…  But when I can’t get out to do those I like to watch specific YouTubers who do. Matthew Posa Adventures is one of the channels I watch all the time.

Matthew is a good dude, loves his dogs, loves canoe tripping in the BWCA, and doesn’t take himself too seriously I’ve been a big supporter for a long time and occasionally send him stuff – and he’s sent me stuff too (if you read this Matthew, that item you gave me is ALWAYS in my kit, and gets used).


I sent Matthew Posa Our Two Games

Matthew’s girlfriend, Funk, mentioned to me somewhere that she and Matthew liked playing games, so I figured why not send them ours. A few months ago I did just that, I sent him Oh Poo and Mint Tin Treasure Hunter.

Mint Tin Treasure Hunter!

Matthew collects all the packages people send him and every few months does a big unboxing video. This past weekend he unboxed the package I sent him on his YouTube channel.

Oh Poo!

Oh Poo!

To be honest I figured he would see the package came from me and would have just opened it up in private. Nope, he did it on his channel and gave Asgard Gamewerks a nice mention.

When a YouTube Influencer mentions your product on their videos it’s certainly noticeable.

The Results Of The Mention

The last few days our page hits have gone up considerably (500%) and we have also seen a small spike in sales on our two games for sale online at The Game Crafter.

I messaged Matthew on the side and said ‘thanks’ of course.

If you like camping, canoeing, fishing, bushcraft, campfire cooking, dogs… then you should go check out Matthew Posa Adventures!  You can find his Youtube Channel here.

He has over 475K subscribers as I write this, and puts out a new video every weekend.

Thanks Matthew!



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