Goals For 2020

Is it too early to think about goals for 2020?  Too early to start thinking about a New Year’s Resolution?  I don’t think so.  Setting goals is an important aspect for anyone who is looking to accomplish something in their life.

For the past few weeks I have been looking forward to what I hope… no, what I PLAN to accomplish in 2020 for Asgard Gamewerks.

Looking To The Future

Yes, it sure would be nice to be able to take this new little hobby and build a small business around it that creates an income.  But to be honest that is not why I am doing this and I most certainly have no expectations of making money at it.  It’s all for the fun and the enjoyment of creating games.

However, this hobby, like many hobbies, requires money be spent to move it forward.  I wouldn’t mind being able to make back what I spend putting into it.  So my goals for 2020 are built around building up a tabletop game design and publishing business that can potentially pay for itself.

I plan to dabble in print on demand as well as Kickstarter for larger scale manufacturing and see where both take Asgard Gamewerks.

The Goals:

  1. I plan to have four games designed, developed, published, and available for purchase in 2020.
  2. I plan to start and conclude one successful Kickstarter campaign for one of the games.
  3. There are several Friendly Local Game Stores in my area, and I plan and becoming a little more well known at all of them.  No, not annoyingly well known… pleasantly well known!
  4. Travel and attend no less than four Cons, with the hope that one will be able to be Gen Con.
  5. Build an online presence/following in social media for Asgard Gamewerks.

Taking You Along For The Ride

Want to follow the progress listed above in those goals?  Easy!  Just come back here from time to time and check in.  I’ll be sure to post updates for any and all things the wife and I do as we move forward to meet the goals.

We already have three games well into development.  Two of them, both card games, have been heavily play tested and have art layouts being created and will be ready for manufacturing in the near future.  I suspect by mid December we will be printing promotional decks in tuck boxes and mint tins.

The third game mentioned above is a little further out but still has some play testing required.  It has a little more detail to the mechanics than the card games, and will incorporate a small board game.

And then of course we also have a few other games in early design.  For more information on what Asgard Gamewerks has in development… click on our In Development page.


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