The Game Crafter Mint Tin Challenge!

An hour ago I was looking around The Game Crafter website.  I was checking out their various services and crowd funding projects when I came upon their latest game contest.  Needless to say it caught my attention.

The Game Crafter Mint Tin Challenge!

It is a pretty simple contest and I am thinking about having Asgard Gamewerks enter into it.  The bad news is that the contest has been ongoing since 7/22 and ends 10/28.  As I write this post there are only 37 days left to put a game together and enter the contest.  I’ve already missed out on  two full months of game design time!

Mint Tin Challenge

Mint Tin Challenge

Any game to be entered into the contest needs to fit inside a mint tin.  Sound interesting?  I thought it did.

For more info check out the game design guidelines and rules here:  CONTEST INFO.

To Enter Or Not To Enter

Over the past couple weeks I have been writing down game ideas for possible development.  One of them is a card game and could possibly be packaged inside a game tin.  I think it could be a good fit.

To enter the contest or not…?  I think this coming weekend I will put some hard thought into fleshing out that card game on my game list.  If I can come up with a workable game mechanic and plot out the overall theme better I just may try and enter the contest.

Update:  It is Monday 9/23.  After a lot of brain storming with the wife and coming up with some good ideas, sadly we do not think there is going to be enough time to develop a solid game and get a completed demo with art in place by the competition end date.  So we are not going to try and enter the contest.  We are pretty new at all this and desire to take things slow and do things right.  The good news is that we came up some fun game ideas for mint tin sized games that we added to our list of games to develop.


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