Three Projects Getting Art Created

Just a little heads up on the development front.  We have three games that are currently having art being created.

Two of them are basic card games that we plan publishing in a Mint Tin boxes; “Mint Tin: Oh Poo!” and “Mint Tin: Relic Hunter“.  We feel good about the play testing that has been done for both of these games.  They are not overly complex and easy to learn.  Fun for the whole family to sit and play.  Testing has been ongoing for both over the past two months.

We plan on making a handful of live copies of these two card games, giving them away as gifts, and of course for more play testing and casual feedback.  Not sure what the future holds for either of them.  Right now we do plan on publishing them for purchase on The Game Crafter.  That of course could change if we decide to give Kickstarter a try.

The third game that is having art created is The Lost City of K’aak’ Tuucha (The Lost City of the Fire Monkey).  This is a smaller sized board game that uses a variety of tokens and cards that are used during play, and has a little more complexity to the mechanics than the card games above.  It has been heavily play tested internally among family only and has gone well with a few revisions.

The intent with The Lost City of K’aak’ Tuucha, which could still get a name change, is to make a few prototypes and hit the friendly game stores in the area for some additional play testing.

As we get the prototyping samples made there will be some pictures and more information shared here on the website for all three games.



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