Winter Is Coming, Back To Work

We took a good chunk of the summer off in 2020.  Even with Covid I spent less time at home and more time out in the woods.  I also got heavily into photography after more than 20 years.

But, winter is coming, and that seems to be when Nancy and I play more board games and really dive into game design.

The Months Ahead

Nancy has a small project she started working on that was inspired by the Covid Pandemic.  She is keeping her game design close and not sharing too many details with me as she continues to flesh things out.

As for me, I have two games currently being play tested.  Over on our In Development page you can read a little more about Project One and Project Two.

Project One is actually very close to going to our graphic designer for finalization.  In a few months that game will be in the final prototype stage, and once approved available for purchase ordering.

Project Two is going to take 4-6 months before it is ready for purchase… if all goes well.


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