The Game Crafter’s Updated Linen Texture – A Comparison

Comparing linen textures, old versus new, at The Game Crafter

First a quick history of The Game Crafter’s linen texture as it relates to Asgard Gamewerks.

A couple months ago we ordered a prototype of our first game Mint Tin Treasure Hunter from The Game Crafter.  That first prototype had the UV upgrade and linen texture features added to the cards.  The prototype arrived and it looked great.  However, we were not too impressed with linen texture visuals.  If you looked close at the card you could see it, but it really didn’t stand out.

After a couple corrections were made to the game more prototypes were ordered but without the linen texture.  Once again the games arrived and looked great.  Comparing a non linen texture prototype to the one that had it… well, we really didn’t miss not having it on the new prototypes.

It didn’t seem worth while, at least not for this particular game, to make it available with the linen texture feature.  The added cost while minimal, just didn’t seem worth it.

But then…

The Game Crafter’s Updated Linen Texture!

In early February of 2020 The Game Crafter updated their linen texture!  We wasted no time and ordered another prototype of Mint Tin Treasure Hunter, once again with the UV coat and the linen texture (new and improved!).

We wanted to share with you the results.  So let’s take a look…

Linen Textures At The Game Crafter

Without further preamble, here are some pictures.

The Game Crafter's Linen Texture Examples

The Game Crafter’s Linen Texture Examples

All of the cards have UV coating.

The left card has no linen texture.

The card in the middle has the old linen texture added to it.

Then the card on the right shows the newly updated linen texture provided by The Game Crafter.

Linen texture playing card examples only...

Linen texture playing card examples only…

Again, above the examples show the original (old version) of linen texture on the left and the new on the right.

The new linen texture that The Game Crafter ads per your request is a huge step up from what it used to be.  And it costs nothing more than what the linen texture feature was prior…  no higher cost!

Get Linen Texture Or Not?

Originally we had decided not to go with the linen texture.  However, after seeing the latest prototype sample of our first game with the new linen texture feature… well, it was a no-brainer to decide to definitely have it added to all the playing cards of our games being developed.

The new and improved linen feature really adds a premium look and feel.  Is it right for your game?  You will need to decide that on your own.  Order samples for yourself like we did and make the in hands comparison.  You will be glad you did.


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