Second Game Now Available Online

Our second game, OH POO!, is available for online purchase!

Sadly it has been available for a while now, but I totally forgot to update the website with the news!  LAME!

OH POO! is now available for online purchase through The Game Crafter.

For more information on OH POO! just head over to its main page on this website by clicking: OH POO!

Or, if you want to check out the purchase page at The Game Crafter, click the button below.



The Game Crafter’s Updated Linen Texture – A Comparison

Comparing linen textures, old versus new, at The Game Crafter

First a quick history of The Game Crafter’s linen texture as it relates to Asgard Gamewerks.

A couple months ago we ordered a prototype of our first game Mint Tin Treasure Hunter from The Game Crafter.  That first prototype had the UV upgrade and linen texture features added to the cards.  The prototype arrived and it looked great.  However, we were not too impressed with linen texture visuals.  If you looked close at the card you could see it, but it really didn’t stand out.

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