Asgard Gamewerks News & Update

Sadly with the onset of Covid-19 earlier in the year Asgard Gamewerks took a backseat for both Nancy and I.  We had a lot of free time to work on developing games, but oddly enough our focus was staying in contact with friends in family via social media.

We not only played less tabletop games, but we also stopped working on games we had in development. Read more

Second Game Now Available Online

Our second game, OH POO!, is available for online purchase!

Sadly it has been available for a while now, but I totally forgot to update the website with the news!  LAME!

OH POO! is now available for online purchase through The Game Crafter.

For more information on OH POO! just head over to its main page on this website by clicking: OH POO!

Or, if you want to check out the purchase page at The Game Crafter, click the button below.



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