Mint Tin Treasure Hunter – Pre-Pro Printing

Just wanted to share a little news today.  Our first game, Mint Tin Treasure Hunter, has just had all of the layouts uploaded to The Game Crafter and is in the process of having the first live pre-pro printed.

I was a little eager to see the pre-pro, so paid for expedited manufacturing.  It should arrive in about 4-5 business days if all goes as planned.

This is an exciting time!

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Mint Tin Treasure Hunter – Sneak Peek!

While we have a few games in production at the moment, one of them, Mint Tin Treasure Hunter, is getting some advanced touches on it graphic layout.

I wanted to take a quick moment and share a few images of what is being cooked up.  HUGE kudos to Eric Swanson, who is handling all the graphic layout work for this project.  When I am able to post a link for a website or contact info for Eric, I will do so.

Mint Tin Treasure Hunter – Sneak Peek!

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