Three Projects Getting Art Created

Just a little heads up on the development front.  We have three games that are currently having art being created.

Two of them are basic card games that we plan publishing in a Mint Tin boxes; “Mint Tin: Oh Poo!” and “Mint Tin: Relic Hunter“.  We feel good about the play testing that has been done for both of these games.  They are not overly complex and easy to learn.  Fun for the whole family to sit and play.  Testing has been ongoing for both over the past two months.

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Game Box Cover Art

I was sitting at home last night looking through an issue of Game Trade Magazine (GTM #234).  Something that I have always seemed to appreciate has been the art on game boxes.  For me this enjoyment actually goes back into the 1980s when I was heavily into the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 computer game scene as a teenager.

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DBA & SMC Code Filed

Just a little update on Asgard Gamewerks as a tabletop game publisher.

Filed for the DBA a couple weeks ago and received confirmation.  Today I filed for and received the Standard Manufacturer Code for Asgard Gamewerks (AGW).

Standard Manufacturer Code

Standard Manufacturer Code

Things are coming into place nicely.


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